"We have been building, remodeling, and providing large or small repairs in the central Virginia area for over 30 years.

We learned early on that to achieve the best results we hire people of character and teach them the Trade.  It is easy to teach people to build but honesty and intelligence is something you either have or not.  

What this means to you is the people working in your home are trustworthy and can handle your project from start to finish. 

Our skilled craftsmen are just a phone call or email away from helping you with your residential or commercial building, repairs and remodeling projects."


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Thanks for your interest in employment with Bodde Construction Company Inc. As you can see in our web site we have been completing a wide verity of residential and commercial projects since the mid seventies. Therefore we value employees that possess skills in all aspects of the construction industries. We offer a great opportunity to applicants that are new to the trade as well. With Bodde Construction you will gain experience in all stages of construction from footings to finish millwork.

All applicants must have a neat appearance, a current driver’s license and your own transportation. Above all you must have a positive attitude and the ability to impress our customers with your strength of character. The majority of our projects are in our residential client’s homes. So the greatest carpenter in the world that looks like a wild man and talks like a sailor is useless to me. Please review our company statement for an overview of the company rules and benefits.

If you agree with the company statement and our approach to construction please complete the following steps.  Please Read Carefully --- All steps and documents must be completed to be considered for the application.



Steps required to Apply

1 - APPLICATION: Download the application and complete all questions: CLICK HERE to download our application


2 - RELEASE INFORMATION: Download the release document and complete all question: CLICK HERE to download the authorization to release information.


3 - DRIVERS LICENSE: scan or take a picture with your phone.  A picture or copy of your drivers license is required. 


4 - EMAIL ITEMS:  email items 1, 2, 3, and 4 from above to scott@boddeconstruction.com.


* NOTE * - A recent resume is preferred but not required.  When emailing your documents, federal and state law gives electronic signatures the same legal status as handwritten signatures (Public Law 106-229).  If you email the documents, you do not need to physically sign at this time.  If you mail or fax, your signature is required.  



We will process your application quickly so you can start the best job in construction today.

You may email, mail, or fax your completed documents:

Email addresses: scott@boddeconstruction.com

Mailing address
12251 Yowell Rd 
Ashland, VA 23005

Phone numbers: 
  Office: (804) 752-1866 
  Fax: (804) 752-1865

Document Links for download:

Company Statement: Bodde Const Co Statement.doc (31.50 kb)
Application: Bodde Construction Application.doc (32.50 kb)
Authorization to Release: boddeconstruction_Info_Release.doc (171.50 kb)


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